Coaching with GCKA

We seek the most highly qualified coaching candidates we can find. In general the qualifications we are seeking include:

  • Has played soccer as a youth and up through an advanced age group, such as high school, college, or professionall
  • Has soccer coaching experience
  • Has an even temperament, doesn't get overly excited, and keeps things in perspecti
  • Has a player development philosophy similar to the GCKA's philos
  • Is dependable and committed to making this a fun learning experience for the players.
  • Is a respected role model, and sets a good example for our players to emulate
  • Can perform the administrative tasks and communicate effectively with players and parents

Not every coach meets all points for these criteria. Often, willing parents that have a solid understanding of youth sports in general are asked to coach in the club, with the intent of educating them on the game of soccer. As a rule, the more criteria that a coaching candidate possess, the more desirable they are to have in our club. Some of the criteria, including being a good role model for the players, dependability, and overall commitment to the players are firm requirements of the coaching role and are not negotiable attributes.

Some of the benefits of coaching with us include:

  • Discounts on your child's registration fees
  • GCKA will pay for you to obtain coaching licenses
  • Make a positive impact on local youth
  • Get to spend time with the game and help build the game in our community

If you are interested in coaching with us, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. If you have questions about coaching with us, email

Interested in Coaching for us?

If you are interested in coaching a travel team, email